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How Our Products are Manufactured

Our products are manufactured and private labeled by one of the pioneers in the natural products industry. We knew their 50+ years of experience and credentials were exactly who we wanted to private label the products for The Arthritis Health System.

They have grown to become one of the natural product industry’s most recognizable brands, providing one of the most extensive lines of natural products available.

We also chose to private label our collection of products because we believe we have a unique story to tell and valuable information to share with people who suffer from arthritis. We hope our story resonates with our audience and they will become customers. The natural supplement industry is a 100+ billion dollar a year industry, so we realize consumers have a lot of options. Our program and products are tailor made for people looking for natural options to help manage the pain and discomfort of arthritis.

Our private label contract prohibits us from disclosing our manufacturer, however, the information below will hopefully make our customer base feel comfortable that they are buying the highest quality supplements available in the United States.

How the Natural Products Industry is Regulated

The freedom to purchase dietary supplements and natural health products referred to as “health freedom,” your right to choose vitamins and other nutrients in a supplemental form wasn’t guaranteed until 1994, with the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, commonly known as DSHEA.

DSHEA is the main federal law that governs the natural products industry. Contrary to some media reports, our industry is well-regulated under these governmental regulations.

DSHEA is the most basic of several laws that give the federal government the means to properly regulate dietary supplement manufacturing, and to monitor and remove any products found to be unsafe, improperly labeled, or that make inappropriate health claims.

Under DSHEA the regulation of dietary supplements falls between foods and pharmaceuticals. Supplements are more strictly regulated than foods, but appropriately not as strictly regulated as more-dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. It also regulates the introduction of new ingredients without giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the ability to decide in advance which products can be manufactured and sold.

Other Health Advocacy Organizations

These independent organizations support health freedom and have information on the science and safe use of natural foods, dietary supplements, and complementary therapies.

Consumer Advocacy Organizations:

Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) 

Citizens for Health 

Your Voice for Health (YVFH) 

Trade Organizations:

American Herbal Products Association 

Council for Responsible Nutrition 

Natural Products Association (NPA)

Organic Trade Association (OTA) 

United Natural Products Alliance 

Scientific Organizations:

American Botanical Council 

American Herbal Products Association 

American Nutrition Association 

Natural Health Research Institute (NHRI)

Manufacturing, Distribution & Testing Facilities

As one of the natural products industry’s premier manufacturers, they own and operates several manufacturing and distribution facilities in the United States and Canada.

All manufacturing facilities also house state-of-the-art testing laboratories, where quality technicians use the latest analytical instrumentation to perform approximately 16,000 tests on ingredients and finished products each month.

The main manufacturing and distribution plant is a 263,000 square foot facility with a thermostatically-controlled, space-maximizing warehouse and temperature-sensitive storage and refrigeration areas.

The primary manufacturing facility also contains several in-house laboratories, including gas chromatography, analytical, microbiological, and sensory labs. The in-house laboratories help us to expedite the testing of raw materials, ingredient samples, and finished products, and afford our technicians a level of quality control that is virtually unmatched within the natural products industry

The western manufacturing & distribution facility in Nevada, is a modern warehouse with softgel, capsule, tablet, and powder manufacturing lines, as well as an advanced suite of analytical laboratories that allow for rapid and comprehensive testing of both incoming ingredients and outgoing finished products.

Canadian Manufacturing & Distribution Operations

Affordable natural health products are now available in Canada with warehouse and distribution facilities in: Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

All total, the company we chose to private label for The Arthritis Health System line of products owns close to 700,000 sq. feet dedicated to manufacturing and distribution throughout the United Stated and Canada.

Below are Some of the Many Certifications that our Manufacturing Company Abides By:

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) program from the Natural Products Association (NPA) as well as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) program. Both programs lay the foundation for reproducible dietary supplement quality and ensure that responsible manufacturers have the appropriate quality control measures in place.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

The safety and health of our customers are truly important to our manufacturer, which is why they chose to partner with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ensure quality control and regulatory compliance testing for their dietary supplements. UL has been a respected leader in safety science since 1894.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Organic and QAI Certified Organic

They use USDA-certified organic and QAI-certified ingredients whenever possible. Organic products and ingredients align perfectly with our focus on natural health.

Non-GMO Project Verified

They offers products that are Non-GMO Project Verified, and this number will continue to increase.

Certified Gluten-Free and Gluten-Free

Gluten-free products take the worry out of gluten-free eating. Our certified gluten-free products are tested exhaustively to guarantee less than 10 parts per million (PPM) of gluten, and products labeled as gluten-free are tested to ensure they contain less than 20 PPM of gluten.


We love animals, good health, and the environment, so vegan products are a natural fit for us. Products with the Vegan logo are free of animal products in any form.


If you appreciate the benefits of kosher foods that are produced using highly sanitary methods to prevent cross-contamination, look for these certifications.


Halal-certified products are made using ingredients that are permissible under Muslim dietary law and processed in a hygienic manner.

Our private label company is nationally recognized by the media with regular appearances and articles such as: Rachel Ray, ABC News Good morning America, Men’s health, Purist Wellness Magazine, LIVESTRONG, Washington Post, Organic Authority, Business Insider, Well and Good Magazine, Readers Digest and more!

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